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A delayed Welcome to Elizabeth!

Posted October 18, 2021

Mainline  welcomes Liz, to our  Hire Desk.  She has been here already for  couple of Months and how the time has flown by!

Liz has totally embraced the Mainline systems, making a positive impact on her colleagues  and customers. Hopefully she’s loving it as much as we are loving having her around!

Elizabeth came over from South Africa 3 years ago:

‘Before I knew it the end of 2018 was upon me with a sad goodbye, leaving behind everything familiar, loved ones and my beloved sunshine!

I stepped off the plane on a snow filled January morning in amazement, looking at never ending hills and valleys filled with flocks of sheep, stone walls and greenery. Walking around hearing strange accents and saying things like ‘ayp duck’ and ‘you alreet’ plus many more, but soon the sounds became words and the words became sentences. Strange town names got to me too, names like Uttoxeter, Loughborough and Skegness to name a few. How can you blame me for getting confused!

Needless to say, I started my new life with enthusiasm and gusto, my first work experience in the UK started with JCB/DHL and moving on from there into the rehire sector that gave me the footing to start my new career with Mainline where I have been working on the hire and rehire desk. Every moment is a learning curve and I find myself looking forward to each and every working day sharing jokes with my colleagues and being surrounded by these giant machines, it’s a full time job just to learn about them!’

Welcome Liz!!