Super Electric Scissor Lift Hire

With a rapidly increasing stock, Mainline is an industry leader in super electric scissor lift hire services.

With the advent of huge indoor projects (such as warehouse fitting and racking installations), the tightening restrictions on machine emissions and the proliferation of Clean Air Zones, the demand for high reach, low emission access equipment has reached an all time high.

Mainline’s current machine investment plan is consolidating us as the country’s main supplier of electric super scissor lifts as well as other super MEWPs.

We are proud to have recently added the supremely versatile Holland Lift HL 330 E14 Electric Scissor Lift to our catalogue. This fume-free machine is ideal for working indoors and in low emission environments.

The Holland Lift HL 330 E 14 lift boasts a 31m platform height and a 33m working height. At only 1.4m wide this is the ideal machine for working in narrow spaces (ie. in between warehouse racking). This machine can drive at full height whilst bearing its 600kg safe working load and comes equipped with non-marking tyres.

Amongst our most popular models, we stock the 22m Dingli JCPT 2223DC. The flexibility offered by this machine’s features make it an ideal choice for almost any setting. The JCPT 2223DC has a working height of 22m, a 750 kg safe working load, non-marking tyres and 4WD. This zero emission machine is suitable for indoor use and Clean Air Zones, as well as being suitable for outdoor work on rough terrain. This machine also drives at full height under full load.

For tight spaces, the 22m Dingli JCPT 2212DC Electric Scissor Lift provides a great alternative. This versatile machine is in high demand for indoor applications. With an overall width of just 1.25m, this machine’s frame, along with its working height of 22m and a safe working load of 600kg, make it an attractive option for work at height across a variety of applications. The JCPT 2212DC drives at full height and is also wind rated for outdoor work.

Mainline’s expanding fleet incorporates electric super scissor lifts designed for use in a variety of settings: from low emission areas and food handling sites to the rugged terrain of construction sites.

Models stocked incorporate a number of options including 4WD, narrow deck sizes and/or extending decks, as well as machines that drive at full height. Our electric super scissor lifts are suitable for use in low emission areas and in Clean Air Zones across the country.

All of Mainline’s machines are available for hire nationally. Our in-house logistics service ensures that all machines can be delivered promptly to our client’s premises, and our team of CAP trained engineers is on hand to resolve any possible issues within 24 hrs.

Mainline is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of super MEWPs as well as management services for large scale access projects. Take a look at our selection and get in touch with our team if you’d like further information on our super electric scissor lift hire services.


Our super electric scissor lift hire service provides a number of benefits including:
· Nationwide delivery
· Industry-leading brands
· Biggest machines in the country
· Expert technical service always on hand
· Versatile machines that drive at full height
· Machines suitable for all terrains and environments
· Low carbon emission and low noise emission solutions

Mainline’s account managers and sales team can provide a complete project management service. We will gladly work with you on a machine delivery plan that ensures that your project is completed on schedule.

Mainline’s CAP trained engineers are always on hand to assure that our machines are in perfect working order. Our sales team can advise on additional services such as lighting and power generation services to keep your project running seamlessly. Please contact our sales team for more information on our super electric scissor lift hire service.