Trailer Mounted Booms

IPAF Training Category 1b

Our trailer mounted booms are ideal for working in small and medium sized industrial and domestic settings. They are towable on the road, so they are cheap and easy to move from site to site and can be used in both outdoor and indoor locations. They are even stable enough to be used when working on an incline, or on uneven surfaces like gravel and grass.

We offer trailer mounted booms with several power options including batteries, mains, petrol, diesel, and bioenergy. They can be used at heights ranging from 12 to 17 metres.

We stock booms by Nifty, a world-renowned brand that manufactures innovative machinery that’s designed to be environmentally friendly but powerful.


Our trailer mounted booms offer a number of wide ranging benefits. They are a great choice if you are looking for booms which are:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for low level outreach
  • Capable of holding up to two people
  • Low weight so they’re easy to position
  • Safe and easy to operate with accuracy
  • Able to maximise reach from a compact chassis
  • Lightweight so they are easy to move and position
  • Narrow enough to get to areas with restricted access
  • Built to reach up and over to get to hard to reach places
  • Quick and easy to set up because of their hydraulic triggers

To find out what machine is best to hire from us, simply contact us and a member of our fully trained team will be glad to help. We ship nationwide so we can help you no matter where you are based.

We also offer various types of training for those working at height.