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Case Studies

33m scissor lifts for warehouse installation project

The Project:

Mainline was working as the exclusive supplier of powered access solutions for the construction of a new high level warehouse for a globally renowned express delivery company.

The first part of the project, the construction of the building and the installation of the main infrastructure, had already taken place. The next part of the project was to supply the machinery for the installation of the internal works.


Our Client:

Our client is a multi-disciplined contractor whose areas of expertise include construction, pre-fabricated structure assembly and infrastructure installations.

The Challenge:

The work to be carried out indoors would also be at a high level and would consist in the installation of inspection gantries. The added complexity would be the operating space: our machines would have to operate between racking systems in a mere 2 m gap yet would have to reach a 32 m ceiling height and be safe for use indoors.

Our solution:

After carrying out a careful study of all the project requirements and considerations we were able to supply a Holland Lift 330-E14 Electric Scissor Lift.

This machine has a very impressive 31m platform height and a 33 m working height. At only 1.4 m wide this was ideal for working in between the narrow racking, while its non-marking wheels were perfect for maintaining the integrity of the brand new warehouse floors.

As an electric vehicle, the Holland Lift 330-E14 is fume-free and safe for working in zero-emission environments. It boasts a safe working load of 600 kg and can be moved under load while fully extended.

Our Summary:

We are proud to be one of the few UK suppliers of this extremely specialised piece of machinery. The Holland Lift 330-E14 is just one example of the wide range of MEWP’s and SUPER MEWP’s available in Mainline’s extensive and varied fleet.

Mainline is proving to be a national leader in the supply of high level access solutions. Our rapid replenishment system and our commitment to ongoing investment allow us to offer some of the biggest and most sought after machines in the industry.

As well as our vast array of machines we offer a full range of project management services, logistical services and training. Our aim is to offer the most comprehensive range of products and services possible, making things simple for our clients.

Customer Feedback:

Throughout the project our client has expressed their satisfaction with Mainline’s professional services and extensive catalogue of specialised products.

Our ability to provide sought after machines such as the Holland Lift 330-E14 Scissor was imperative: for a project of this size there was no better solution and Mainline was one of a small handful of companies that could provide it.

If you have a large scale project and would like to speak to a project manager about your project specifications and the machine requirement, get in touch today.

Mainline are rapidly becoming a national leader in large scale plant and powered access hire solutions for complex projects. Our experienced team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your own project.