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Case Studies

Huge warehouse build puts Mainline’s fleet to the test

The Project

Mainline was called upon to participate in the construction of a new high level warehouse for a globally renowned express delivery company.

Our Client:

Our client is multi-disciplined contractor whose areas of expertise include construction, pre-fabricated structure assembly and electrical and mechanical infrastructure installations.

The Challenge:

Mainline was contracted to provide a variety of powered access equipment to assist in the construction of a brand new high level warehouse for an express delivery company.

Tasks included moving and lifting large packages of mechanical and electrical material around the site.

The requirement was to work at various levels throughout the build, from the highest point at 34 m to lower levels at 20 m as well as on, around and under mezzanine floors.

Due to the sheer size and volume of the build, the machines used at the early stages needed to be rough terrain as no concrete slab had been laid.

One of the first requirements was to supply a machine that was not only capable of achieving the height of 34 m, it was also imperative that the vehicle was apt for rough terrain.

The machine would also require the capacity to lift and hold a substantial amount of weight. One of the implications of working at this height is that moving up and down for materials is a lengthy process: time in the air is money!

Our Approach:

Mainline are specialists in the field of powered access for large scale projects. Our obvious choice for this job was the 34 m Holland Lift Megastar, the largest diesel scissor lift currently manufactured.

With a 34 m working height, the Megastar is apt for rough terrain and can manage safe working loads of up to 1000 kg. This machine proved the perfect solution for working at the highest points of the build.

Mainline’s fleet includes every size of scissor lift necessary for a project of this nature. We were able to supply diesel, electric and hybrid models to work at every point of the building and on any terrain.

With the sheer size and magnitude of the build, moving large items and bulk materials around the site as needed was also a requirement.

Our project management team provided a personalised solution, supplying forklifts and telehandlers from our fleet to make sure that every need was met.

Our client was granted the comfort of working with just one supplier for all of their powered access needs, making the often onerous tasks of consultation, purchase and invoicing simple and straightforward.

Original list of equipment to initiate the project:

S85 Straight Stick Boom

JCB 540-180 18 m Telehandler
2.4 m Fork Extension
JCB 930 Forklift Truck
x2 Holland Lift 34 m Diesel Megastar Scissor Lifts
x2 2223RTB 22 m Diesel Scissor Lifts
6832RT 10 m Diesel Scissor Lift
x4 3246 10m Electric Scissor Lifts

Our Summary:

Mainline’s vast and varied fleet as well as our rapid response times made us an invaluable asset to this project. We were able to offer a fully integrated service thanks to a fleet that meets all of the client’s powered access needs, as well as by providing full logistical solutions for transport, power supply, refuelling and technical support.

Customer Feedback:

Our client expressed that the experience Mainline displayed throughout the project positioned us as a reliable and trustworthy supplier. We were congratulated on our project management skills.

If you are interested in hiring powered access equipment and would like to discuss your project with an expert, get in touch with a member of our team today. Mainline is one of the nation’s leading providers of super MEWP’s and a leading expert in large scale project management.