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Case Studies

Logistical Issues – Solved!

Mainline Hire

In construction, it’s common to have logistical issues. Recently, a steel erector came to us with a job which involved fitting structural strengthening steel to a car manufacturer’s roof as they wanted to make continuous improvements to their site. The issue started when the roof caused height restrictions which meant a crane wasn’t suitable for the job and a telehandler would need to be used instead. The blocks of steel were 2 tonnes each so the Telehandler had to be strong enough to hold the steel while it made the outreach of the roof. Our very experienced account manager, Steve Matthews, ran a site survey and came up with a solution by using a heavy Telehandler with a high weight capacity while using an extendable jib so it could make the outreach of the roof. Thanks to Steve, the manufacturer has now safely completed the erection and our Telehandler is ready for its next job!