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Case Studies

Mainline provides urgent MEWP delivery for project in jeopardy

The Project:

Mainline was called upon for an urgent response in providing some hard to obtain equipment. The machines were required to proceed with the work on a new build warehouse for the food industry. The project was in serious jeopardy due to the contracted supplier’s inability to provide the agreed machines.

Our Client:

Our client is a multi-disciplined electrical and mechanical contractor for whom quality of service is a core value.

The Challenge:

The client contacted us after encountering a number of issues with their usual supplier, including inconsistency in machine quality and performance as well as their inability to supply the appropriate machines for the job.

The installation work being carried out inside the warehouse required high level powered access equipment to work at a height of 21 m. The machines also needed to be apt for working in zero emission environments and would need non-marking wheels to preserve the integrity of the new warehouse floors.

Machines of this type are currently in extremely high demand due to the abundance of similar building projects. Our client’s existing supplier was unable to provide these machines.

Our client contacted us after seeing some of our machines on site in use by another contractor. They commented that they had been suitably impressed with the quality, condition and performance of the machines.

Our Approach:

Upon receiving the initial call a client account was immediately set up and the client was assigned a personal account manager.

The client’s needs were rapidly assessed and Mainline was able to deliver a machine onsite the following morning.

The machine delivered was a Dingli 2212 Narrow Electric Scissor Lift identical to the machine they had seen on site. This electric scissor lift has a working height of 22 m, non- marking tyres and a safe working load of 600 kg. It was the perfect machine for the job.

The following morning the client contacted their Mainline account manager urgently requesting another machine. They had taken delivery that same morning of a machine from another supplier, but the machine had broken down straight away.

Our client could not afford to fall behind on the project.

Due to the high demand for electric machines as a result of the high volume of new building projects, Mainline had supplied the last electric machine in stock to the client the previous day.

Nonetheless our experienced account manager was rapidly able to offer a number of possible solutions from Mainline’s vast and varied fleet.

The alternative agreed upon was the Dingli 2223RTB Diesel Scissor Lift equipped with the latest Tier V engine. The Tier V engine has a built-in clean air filtration system, making it suitable for working in low emission environments.

As well as the Tier V engine, the machine boasts a 22 m working height and non-marking tyres. The additional benefits of the Dingli 2223RTB include a deck width of 2.25 m (an overall machine width of 2.46 m) and the ability to drive at full height; most machines in this category have to descent to 8 m to drive at height.

The benefits of driving at full height in addition to the wider deck space and a massive 750 kg safe working load capacity made this machine an ideal choice. This machine would allow the client to lift and move large quantities of materials, putting the project back on track. As we say in the business: ‘Time in the air is money!’

With the relevant engine information sent to site for clearance to use this machine, it was delivered onsite the same afternoon. The client was so happy with the machine that they promptly ordered another Dingli 2223RTB to work alongside the other two machines already on site.

List of equipment provided:

1 x Dingli 2212 Electric Scissor Lift
2 x Dingli 2223RTB Diesel Scissor Lift (Tier V Engine)

Our Summary:

Due to our team’s extensive experience in powered access equipment and Mainline’s vast and varied fleet, we were able to respond rapidly to our client’s urgent request. We were able to assess the project and recommend machines that not only matched, but also surpassed our client’s expectations.

Thanks to these factors and our fully integrated logistics service, we were able to deliver our machines onsite with an impressive speed.

Customer Feedback:

The client reiterated how impressed they were, not only with the machines supplied, but with the technical knowledge and sheer determination for the project to succeed that everyone at Mainline demonstrated.

After this experience the client has decided to make Mainline their preferred supplier for all projects requiring powered access equipment. Mainline’s commitment to quality of service and our commitment to project success are core values that both companies share.

If you are interested in hiring powered access equipment for a large scale project and would like to discuss your options with an expert, get in touch with a member of our team today. As well as powered access and plant hire Mainline also offers a comprehensive range of training courses, providing our clients with a full range of products and services.