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Case Studies

Mainline successfully complete complex construction project

Utilising unique and multi-purpose service equipment

After reaching out to several companies over a number of weeks with no luck or resolution, an established contracting company operating across a variety sectors within the construction industry recently appointed Mainline to support with their latest project.

Mainline Hire
Mainline Hire

The Challenge

The client was planning on replacing their building’s ceiling, cladding the walls, and painting the structure. However, the layout of the structure consisted of bridges, footways, staircases and atriums, which made inserting and navigating the equipment required to complete the project extremely difficult. The client did not want to use scaffolding for several reasons, and the ‘ideal’ vision was to create a solution that enabled all trades to continue working with minimum disruption and damage to the site.

Mainline carried out a site survey and listened to the client’s specific needs and what they wanted to achieve, whilst also considering the space and weight restrictions and the corresponding health & safety procedures.

There were a number of challenges throughout the project:

  • Small gap of just 2.5 metres available to fit the basket and the operator, between the front elevation handrail and the ceiling
  • Ceiling height was 16 metres, however the maximum outreach to the back wall was only 12 metres
  • 2 steel supports were present between the ceiling and one of the bridges, posing an obstruction
  • Restricted gap from the rear elevation between the walls and the stairs
  • Area behind the bridge stairways restricted the first access machine from reaching the front elevation
  • First machine could not access the rear elevation of the staircase due to the floor area being too small
  • Smaller machines were required in the rear elevation to achieve completion of restricted areas near the stairs
Mainline Hire

The Solution

As well as providing IPAF certified training for 2 days on site, Mainline supplied a range of equipment that was perfectly suited to the project, which meant all of the identified challenges were successfully overcome.

33m Spider Lift

This unique machine has a straight vertical mast, rather than an articulated primary boom. The masted primary boom reaches 17m, which enabled the client to get over the 13.5m handrail height. The outreach for the secondary boom of this machine has an outreach of 15m, which the fulfilment of the requirement for a 12m outreach. The additional outreach allowed the client to go higher and further than they originally needed, and the four legs of the spider lift allowed the weight of the machine to be distributed evenly so that weight limits were not exceeded.

33m Spider Lift

Genie 3232 Electric Scissor Lift

Genie 3232 Electric Scissor Lift

Although several options were recommended, the Genie 3232 scissor lift was used for the narrow area beside the staircase. The narrow 810mm width of the machine allowed it to fit comfortably between the 1080mm gap, whilst also providing a larger surface area for the operator to stand and work. The Genie 3232 scissor lift also fitted into the rear elevation of the staircase, and enabled the required outreach over the handrails. The rotating basket slotted sideways into the restricted area behind the footbridge which could not be accessed from the front elevation or by a regular scissor lift. Due to the machine’s ability to reach such heights on such a narrow frame, this machine has its own special feature: stabilisers, which ensures safety and security for both the operator and the client.