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Case Studies

Manufacturing Facility Strip Out & Demolition

The Project:

Following the closure of an international supplier of plant based products for the food industry, the decision was made to proceed to a full strip out of the manufacturing facility. This would be followed by the demolition of existing buildings to make way for a new construction project.

The whole project was expected to span around five months. It included the dismantling of all fixtures and fittings in the main seven story warehouse building, as well as other challenging structures such as storage silos.

Both high level and low level access equipment was required. Other lifting and moving machinery such as forklifts and telehandlers would also be necessary

Our Client:

Our client is an established firm boasting many years’ experience in ambitious, highly complex projects. They have been hired to provide a full turnkey solution for the end client, encompassing moving and re-locating all of the equipment on site, stripping the facilities and the demolition of existing structures in preparation for new construction work to be carried out on site.

The Challenge:

To design and orchestrate a carefully studied plan by which we could provide our customer with high volumes of access equipment matching the needs and timing of their own project.

Our Approach:

We worked with the client over several months to analyse the types of machines necessary for each task (taking into account the different obstacles to be overcome in each case). With this information we produced a machine supply plan in accordance with our client’s schedule.

This project was carefully managed as it was logistically complex, the magnitude of the project meant that an initial delivery of equipment was completed in five lorry loads.

This is an on-going project; different machinery will be necessary as the work progresses to greater heights and as more personnel is brought in. These machines will be delivered as and when required.

The following circumstances were taken into account for some of the machinery provided:

Cherry Pickers: These needed to be apt for rough terrain in order to cope with pot holes in the concrete floor.

Electric Scissor Lifts: These were chosen to be used internally to remove ceiling height machine and electrical fittings as well as ductwork.

Forklifts: Multiple electrical and gas forklifts were used. These varied in size and fork length and were used for moving machines as well as loading and unloading vehicles.

Gas and Electric machines were chosen as they are cleaner for use inside closed spaces.

A Roto Telehandler: This machine was chosen to carry out heavy lifting and minor crane work.

Original List of Equipment to initiate the project:

X1 HR17 Rough Terrain Hybrid Cherry Picker
X2 HR12 Rough Terrain Hybrid Cherry Pickers
X3 1932 Electric Scissor Lift
X2 3246 Electric Scissor Lift
X2 1.5t Forklifts
X2 3t Forklifts
X1 7t Forklift
X2 Fork Extensions for 3t and 7t Forklift
X10 Boss X3X Pop Up Lifts
X12 Bottles Propane Gas
X1 Gas Cage 18mtr Telehandler
X1 24mtr Roto Telehandler c/w Winch

Machines programmed for delivery as project progresses:

3t Forklifts
7t Forklifts HR12 Rough Terrain Hybrid Cherry Pickers
1932 Electric Scissor lifts
HR21 Hybrid Articulated Cherry Pickers
Z135 Articulated Boom
12mtr Telehandler

Several units of each machine will be required.

Our Summary:

This well managed project has highlighted the skill and experience of our management team and showcased the variety and range of Mainline’s fleet. We are proud of our team for their performance on this logistically challenging project.

Customer Feedback:

Throughout the project our client has expressed their satisfaction with Mainline’s professional services and extensive catalogue of specialised products.

We have become a trusted supplier of access equipment as well as a trusted and reliable consultant for their project requirements.

If you are interested in hiring powered access equipment or tools and would like to discuss your project with an expert, get in touch with a member of our team today. As well as tool and plant hire Mainline also offers a comprehensive range of training courses, providing our clients with a full range of products and services.