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Company Director, Carole Williams, makes a heartfelt speech dedicated to our loyal customers, supportive friends and hardworking staff

Posted October 24, 2017

35 years in the industry is some achievement and to celebrate this landmark Mainline threw a 35 year anniversary party on Saturday 21 October. One of the highlights of the night was a passionate speech made by company director, Carole Williams, which was dedicated to our loyal customers, supportive friends and hardworking staff.

We wanted to communicate the following speech with all customers, friends and staff who weren’t with us on the night.

“In May 1982, our first month turned over £655.74 and that included VAT! We will be eternally grateful to Roger Bullivant, F R Searancke Builders and Allen Ray Engineering for that support, not forgetting Tony and Liz Holmes who, along with many of you here tonight, have become amazing lifelong friends from those early days.  Special mention must also go to John Good who came up with the name Mainline!

We started on Midland Road Industrial Estate in a hovel of a unit.  It was a man with a van, de-pipping components for a local engineer in between hires, delivering and taking orders followed by typing invoices each weekend at the side of a gas heater (if one was available in the fleet!). It was character building! We moved to a unit across the estate which we shared with John before finally buying a unit on Boardman Industrial Estate. We reinvested all that we had in order to grow the fleet. We had a van that ran well but wasn’t pretty! I recall going to the Mumbles water skiing, for a rare weekend off with John. We managed to get the van stuck in the sand and when passers-by helped to push us free they were left with parts of the rusty body!

In October 1994 we moved into our purpose built unit on George Holmes Way. It felt huge but we soon filled it!

To customers and friends, on behalf of the Mainline team I take the privilege of thanking you for showing consistent confidence in our services. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your demands. We value your loyal patronage over the years and are well aware that it is loyal customers like you who are hugely responsible for keeping our doors open for business. We welcome your persistent feedback and encouragement and use it to drive the business forward, looking into new products.

We really enjoy working with you all.  We love the phone calls from Terry Smith, “We off hired the machine 10 minutes ago, where are you?”!

To celebrate our 35 years in business we launched our Main Event promotion which rewards individuals or teams with top tech, experience days, vouchers or charity donations.  The more you spend, the bigger your reward.  Check it out with the hire desk or on our website.

To our staff, we congratulate and thank you for your years of passionate service!  As we celebrate this significant milestone, it is with great pride that I, Keith, Jack and Chloe dedicate this evening to you. We realise that our employees are our greatest asset, and we are delighted to honour your dedicated service and commitment. It is our employees who uphold our corporate principles, deliver on our customer promise and make us the passionate organisation we are today.

You are all valued members of our team and your continued contributions are vital for Mainline to continue to be successful in meeting our stated mission, vision and values. All of our organisational achievements are made possible because of your individual efforts as well as those of your team members.

Regardless of role, we are all equal. By working together—and only together—do we succeed.

Our ethos has always been to promote from within, to not limit anyone, to train, to be fair and just and to treat all equally. You all have meaning and no one person is better or more important than another and no one person holds a position of privilege. We are all prepared to pick up a brush!

We are excited by the impact that those who have joined us in the last few years Sam Machin, Claire, Carl, Lee Gilbert, Gareth, Sam Henchliffe, Tom Hall, Richard, Manny, Tom Winter, Ryan and Geraldene.

We are impressed with the success of those who have been with us for 4 years. Including John our new Financial Director, Liam, John, Lee MacCallan, Jamie, Andy, Jordan, Karen, and Vinnie.

Of course we have our rocks who are Casey, Steve Stoddart and Wayne.

Huge contributions have been made by those who have served more than a decade, Nigel, Lee Bodfield, Paul, Jayne, David, Lorna, Danny and Steve Matthews, sadly Steve is leaving the industry. We wish him well on his new adventure. We will miss you immensely Steve!

A special heartfelt  thank you for outstanding service to Steve Faulkes 15 years, Kev 18 years and Lee Machin 22 years.

We have battled through 3 recessions together, thank you, its been a blast!

Throughout there has been one constant – Keith.  He has the ability to keep faith and to dig deep, to seek out new opportunities and to keep the fleet optimised. He has the respect of the industry, often being asked to critique new equipment by manufacturers before product launch. He is; the pal, the father and some would say the godfather to many…. ‘. So on behalf of the team, Keith, thank you.

If we had to describe the Mainline Team we would say passionate, top of their game, honourable, respectful, loyal, thorough, masters of their trade and simply the best!

Thanks to Saffron the caterers, Ronnie Radar and The Old Boys Network.  Special appreciation must be passed to the ‘3 musketeers’ from accounts, Claire, Karen and Lorna for helping organise the night.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the evening.”