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Getting into a tight spot with a Cherry Picker

Posted May 24, 2016
Mainline Hire

When the netting at Chester Zoo’s Hornbill enclosure needed vital attention, our Nifty HR17N  Cherry Picker was the only machine for the job.

Hucktek Ltd were the netting specialists commissioned to carry out the work and they knew it would be tricky to find the right equipment.  They came to us because we provide machines to ‘access all areas’ and after a lot of head scratching we came up with the perfect solution.

The agile and flexible Nifty HR17N has a working height of 17 metres and an outreach of 9.7 metres whilst its skinny 1.5 metre width allows it to squeeze through an extra narrow gap.  Here you see the Nifty entering the enclosure through a gap only really designed for birds!

Mainline Hire

Hucktek Site Manager, Peter Gration, said “Mainline’s machines, service and site surveys are excellent”.

As for Mainline, well we enjoyed the challenge and were happy to have been able to help the Hornbills.