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Mainline achieve 95% customer satisfaction rate for August

Posted September 3, 2018

August proved to be a challenging month as it’s usually a time when holidays are taken and staffing numbers are at their lowest. Being able to uphold the high standards of quality and service our customers expect when dealing with Mainline is critical.

After emailing our customers on a weekly basis and pushing our new customer surveys, we are delighted to announce we have achieved a 95% customer satisfaction rate.

The survey is scored in several different areas such as placing the order, delivery, pricing and overall customer service. All of which are key components to our overall customer experience.

We also include an area where customers can include written feedback and some of what we received signifies why this has been a stand out month for the business:

“From first phoning Mainline and speaking to Jennifer, it was important that this particular job that we had was carried out safely efficiently and very competitively in the shortest of time including the training. I will definitely be using your services again in the future, as now I can see the machines capabilities, thank you again! “

“Always given such a good service, thanks!”

“I choose Mainline for training due to the quality and personal service given by Mainline. Lee Bodfield in particular has always done his very best to assist me with training requirements, so Mainline are my first choice.”

“Have more Mainlines around the Country!!”