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Mainline Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Posted March 12, 2018

Mainline Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Between the 5th & 9th of March, businesses all around the UK take part in National Apprenticeship Week.




 What is National Apprenticeship Week?

During the week employers and apprentices from across England will come together to celebrate the success of apprenticeships whilst encouraging even more people to choose apprenticeships as a pathway to a great career.

What impact does an Apprenticeship have on an individual?

Everyone’s been there, fresh out of school with a lot of choices to make; go to University, start working or begin an Apprenticeship that is essentially both. Learn on the job, earn on the job and start your pathway to a successful career.

How does an Apprentice impact Businesses

What Apprentices lack in experience, they more than make up for in enthusiasm, interest and creativity. Once you’ve taken the time to develop an apprentice, they are more than likely going to stay with you for many years to come and provide a sound return of investment to the business with their fresh approach.


How Mainline Support Apprentices

At Mainline, we are a big supporter of Apprenticeships and career development in general. In our 35 years of business we’ve taken on 6 Apprentices, 4 of which are still with the company and 2 are in senior roles.

In this article, we want to focus on an ex-apprentice, Casey. And our current apprentice, James.

Casey, started his Apprenticeship with Mainline doing his NVQ Level 2 in Construction Plant. Upon completion of his Apprenticeship he was promoted to Site / Workshop technician and is integral to the everyday operations at Mainline.

We asked Casey what his favourite thing about doing his Apprenticeship with Mainline was:

“My favourite thing in general about Mainline is the people, throughout the Apprenticeship the team were great and supported me all the way. I think it’s great that even after my Apprenticeship, Mainline still put me through regular training to make sure I stay compliant with all the industry standards”


James, started his Apprenticeship with Mainline in October last year doing an Accountancy Course. He quickly complete his Level 2 and is now doing his Level 3 AAT.

We also asked James what his favourite thing about doing his Apprenticeship with Mainline was:

“I look forward to coming into work every day because of the atmosphere, everyone is so friendly! Plus I get great support  from everyone. But I mainly enjoy it because I enjoy studying AAT and progressing with my finance career”


From left to right: Casey Jackson, James Dolman