Mainline Supports Freya’s Fight Against Neuroblastoma

At Mainline, we pride ourselves on being more than just a plant hire company. We are part of the local community, and we believe in supporting those around us, especially when they face unimaginable challenges. Today, we are reaching out to you all with a heartfelt plea to help a courageous young girl named Freya in her battle against stage 4/high-risk neuroblastoma, a very aggressive and rare childhood cancer.

Freya’s Journey

In December 2022, Freya was diagnosed with stage 4/high-risk neuroblastoma. This devastating news marked the beginning of a gruelling 15-month journey through intensive care treatments. Freya has shown remarkable strength and resilience throughout this difficult time, enduring treatments that would be tough for anyone, let alone a young child. Her bravery and spirit have been truly inspiring to everyone who knows her.

A Heartbreaking Setback

Despite Freya’s strength and the intensive treatments, she has undergone, her end-of-treatment scans showed that she had sadly relapsed. This news was a crushing blow to Freya and her family, who had hoped that the worst was behind them. Now, they are faced with the urgent task of finding alternative treatment options to give Freya a fighting chance.

Exploring New Treatment Options

Freya’s family is exploring several alternative treatment options, which include clinical trials in the UK if eligible, immunotherapy and chemotherapy combination in the US, and CAR T-cell therapy in Rome. Unfortunately, the last two potentially life-saving treatments mentioned are not currently funded by the NHS. The cost of these treatments is astronomical, amounting to over £340,000. Raising such a large sum is a daunting task, but it is a necessary step to ensure that Freya gets the best possible chance to overcome this disease.

The Strength of Sisterhood

Throughout this challenge, Freya has been supported by her identical twin sister, Alice. The bond between the sisters is incredibly strong, and Alice has been a pillar of strength and courage during these challenging times. Their love and support for each other are truly heartwarming and remind us all of the importance of family and community.

How You Can Help

Any contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference. Your generosity can help cover the costs of these critical treatments and provide hope for Freya and her family.

Please consider donating to this vital cause. Every penny counts and can bring us one step closer to giving Freya the chance she deserves.

Thank you for your generosity and compassion. By coming together, we can make a real difference in Freya’s life and give her the hope and treatment she needs to continue her brave fight against neuroblastoma.

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