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Meet the Team Monday – September

Posted September 24, 2018

It’s that time again…

This month we feature James, our Accounts Apprentice.

Lets get straight to it!

The Questions:

Q: How long have you known you wanted to work in Finance?

A: I’ve always loved Maths at school so I’ve always wanted a job associated with numbers.

Q: What does your typical working day consist of? 

A: My typical working day consists mainly of running the purchasing side here at Mainline.

Q: What’s your favourite type of biscuit?

A: Pink Panther Biscuit.

Q: What’s your greatest achievement to date?

A: My greatest achievement to date would have to be winning the 2K MLG tournament.

Q: We heard on the grapevine that you love gaming, what’s your favourite game at the minute?

A: hahaha, at this current time it’d have to be Runescape.

Q: If you were stuck on a deserted island, who would you want to be stuck with and why?

A: If I was stuck on a deserted Island I think I’d have to say Will Hay, his endless sense of humour would keep me in stitches.