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Membership to the Fork Lift Truck Association

Posted August 13, 2019

Mainline is proud to announce its membership to the prestigious Fork Lift Truck Association. 

The Fork Lift Truck Association was created in 1972 and is by far the most well known and represented body in the whole of Europe. FLTA was formed to raise standards in the material handling industry, protecting consumers and improving quality levels in the workplace.

Director Comments – Carole Williams

“We are proud that we have passed the rigorous code of practice that the FLTA set out as part of their membership requirements. This level of service will be passed directly onto our customers.

Our membership with the FLTA should be seen as a guarantee of quality. Our customers will have complete reassurance that Mainline holds the most up to date knowledge of Health and Safety regulations, and when working with us, you will be provided with the highest standards.”