5m to 17m Telehandlers

We have a range of  Telehandlers for loading or unloading, moving site equipment, cleaning or carrying out general maintenance. We have a full range of machines from a compact 5 metre right up to a massive 17 metre for extra lift capacity and height.

Contact us for more information and our Sales team will be happy to help.


  • 5m Bobcat 2556 Telehandlers
  • 5m Terex 2506 Telehandlers
  • 5.5m Bobcat T2556 Telehandlers
  • 6m Genie 2306 Telehandlers
  • 7m Bobcat T3571 Telehandlers
  • 7m JCB 530 Telehandlers
  • 7m JCB 530/70 Telehandlers
  • 7m JCB 531/70 Telehandlers
  • 9m Merlo P30.9 EVX Telehandlers with Stabilisers
  • 9m Merlo 30.9K Series Telehandlers with Stabilisers
  • 9m Bobcat 3093CDS Telehandlers
  • 9m Bobcat T309CD Telehandlers
  • 9m Manitou MT932S Telehandlers
  • 9m Merlo 28.9 Telehandlers
  • 9m Merlo P27.9 Telehandlers
  • 9m Merlo P28.9 Telehandlers
  • 9m Merlo P28.9VES Telescopic Telehandlers
  • 10m Merlo P72 Telehandlers (NEW)
  • 10m Manitou MT1030s Telehandlers (3t Lift Capacity)
  • 10m Manitou MT1030s Telehandlers with Stabiliser (3t Lift Capacity)
  • 12m Bobcat T35120SL Telehandlers
  • 12m 535-125 Hi Vis Telehandlers
  • 12m Merlo P38-12 Telehandlers
  • 13m Manitou Maniscopic MT1330SL Telehandlers
  • 13m Merlo 38-13 Telehandlers
  • 13m Merlo P35.13 EVS Telehandlers
  • 14m Bobcat T40140 Telehandlers
  • 14m JCB 540/140 Telehandlers
  • 14m JCB 535-140 Telehandlers
  • 14m JLG 3614RS Telehandlers
  • 14m JLG 4014PS Telehandlers
  • 14m Haullote Telehandlers
  • 17m Bobcat T40170 Telehandlers
  • 17m JCB 540-170 Telehandlers
  • 17m JLG 4017PS Telehandlers
  • 17m JLG 4017RS Telehandler