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Building Affordable Homes…

Posted February 2, 2017
Mainline Hire

You can’t listen to the news these days without hearing about the lack of affordable housing.  The government has pledged to build thousands of starter homes on brown-field sites in order to meet the constant demand.  Mainline is supplying plant to builders across the UK helping to combat the problem and meet the needs of our growing population.

Mainline Hire

Recently we supplied 9 tonne dumpers to a site in Derbyshire where Rotary Construction is working with Peveril Homes to build a sizable new estate.  These heavyweight machines provide the muscle needed when clearing land.  They play an important role in preparing the infrastructure for residential property including roads and services such as sewers, drains and underground cabling.

Mainline are providing Rotary Construction with a one-stop-shop for plant.  They have hired rollers and water tanks plus a number of 6 tonne dumpers which are used to remove topsoil ready to lay house foundations.