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Henry Boot remains ‘comfortably’ ahead…

Posted August 26, 2016
Mainline Hire

Here’s one of Mainline’s Genie S-65 Cherry Pickers working at a Henry Boot Site.

As you may have gathered from our news stories and tweets over the last few weeks, here at Mainline we’re very keen to brush Brexit aside and get on with our busy work schedule.

Henry Boot is the latest major construction company to show no fear of post-Brexit Britain and have just announced that they are ‘comfortably’ ahead of market expectations.

Chairman Jamie Boot said: “The result of the EU referendum in June 2016 gave rise to widespread cautious predictions regarding future activity levels within the UK focused property and construction sectors.

“However, two months after the vote, the Board’s expectations detailed in the Company’s trading update on 8 June 2016 remain unchanged.

“Henry Boot PLC is inextricably connected to the UK property market, whether that be house-building, commercial development, construction or plant hire.

“Two months after the EU referendum, it is probably a little early to judge how the UK property market will react over the longer term, however, our experience is that the trading activity and any deals we had in progress are proceeding as envisaged and the future pipeline is coming to fruition as we would have expected.”