Lift heavy loads with ease with our high performance forklifts. Move stock around and transfer goods with our extensive range of forklifts that include gas, diesel and electric counterbalance forklifts, all with varying mast heights and carriage widths – meaning we have the perfect forklift for every application.

Trusted Forklift Hire

Our reliable machine hire solutions mean that your business can enjoy peace of mind! With our robot machinery, you can lift up to 7 tonnes of products safely and navigate even the smallest areas with our versatile models. Our wide range of forklifts mean that we have a machine offering for every type of job, from telescopic work at height, to stock rotation with our durable pallet trucks.

Choose from equipment including: counterbalance and rough terrain forklifts, pallet trucks, reach trucks, and teletrucks.

Counterbalance & Rough Terrain Forklifts

Navigate difficult terrain with our counterbalance forklifts. Our wide range of heavy-duty machines are powered in multiple ways, making them highly flexible for your needs. Our machine range includes diesel forklifts, electric forklifts, and gas forklifts, meaning we can find the perfect solution that suits your power capabilities.

Trusted Pallet Truck Hire Solutions

To ensure safe moving and handling in warehouses or on an industrial site, invest in a Pallet Truck. Our effective machines provide a great lifting solution for loads that are too heavy to be moved by hand. In many warehouses this technology takes on the role of the robust work horses of moving and handling – offering lifting power and manoeuvrability in a compact package.

Versatile Reach Trucks

Operate machinery in a compact area with our Reach Trucks. These machines are narrow and manoeuvrable making them perfect for indoor warehouse use. With a variety of trucks available that have different weight and height applications, we can guarantee the ideal solution for you. Ideal for loading and unloading goods, line feeding, stacking, order picking, and horizontal transport, our Reach Trucks are a valuable piece of equipment for any business!

Load & Unload With Reliable Teletrucks

Mainline supply versatile Teletrucks that are perfect for a number of tasks. Featuring a telescopic boom, our Teletruck benefit from the unrestricted visibility that can hinder vertical masked-machines, providing improved safety. Their superior reach and increased fork carriage rotation allows single side lorry loading and unloading.

Short & Long-Term Forklift Hire

At Mainline, we offer cost-effective short and long term hire of our forklift machinery. Our flexible packages mean you can hire equipment for days, weeks, month,s or longer. Our responsive team are able to supply your forklift with quick turnaround, meaning your project can progress smoothly without delay. We can service construction sites across the UK, with fast and trusted delivery of our equipment solutions.

Why Use Mainline For Your Forklift Hire?

At Mainline, we focus on delivering a customer experience that sets us apart. Investing in our forklift hire solutions can guarantee success moving products around your organisation safely. When you invest in our plant equipment hire solutions, you get so much more than just a product. With Mainline’s forklift hire service you can expect:

  • Versatile and robust machines
  • Superior reach and increased fork carriage rotations
  • Ideal for easy transportation
  • Friendly and approachable team
  • Industry-leading brands
  • Easy-use interfaces

Our specialist construction team can offer competitive rates on both short and long term equipment hire, making our packages an affordable solution for your next project. We work with you to create tailored solutions that are bespoke to your budget, so get in touch with our experts now to find out more and order your equipment today!

Hire A Mainline Forklift Today

Our powerful forklifts are the perfect piece of equipment for manoeuvring products and materials around your site. To find a forklift that fits your unique requirements, then contact our approachable team today. Our experts will be more than happy to find the best solution for you!