Hoists & Material Lift Hire

Mainline offers a range of material lift hire options. Our manually operated material hoists are durable, compact and portable. All models can be operated by a single user and fit easily through doorways and into vans.

Our material hoist range includes various models from the Genie® Superlift® Advantage SLA™ range. These compact, manually operated material lifts incorporate telescopic masts and are extremely versatile. Their heavy duty frame provides stability, whilst their foldaway design allows them to be set up quickly and easily and to be folded away for ease of transport. These material lifts are designed with portability in mind, rolling easily through single doorways and narrow spaces in upright position.

Our range of material lifts provides lifting heights of between 2 m to 8 m and maximum load capacities ranging from 295 kg to 454 kg.

We stock a wide variety of accessories that adapt these lifts to specific worksite needs, making them the ideal choice for a diversity of indoor and outdoor applications.

Productivity and fork options include: adjustable forks, fork extensions, flat forks, booms, pipe cradles, load platforms, mast brakes.

Mainline is one of the UK’s leading providers of plant and access services for projects of all sizes. As well as material lift and hoist hire, our ample catalogue provides hire solutions for lifting and access equipment nationwide. Please get in touch with our team if you’d like further information on material lift hire or any other services.


  • SLA05 (Manual Handling Lift) Max Height 2.00m Download Datasheet
  • SLA10 (Manual Handling Lift) Max Height 3.49m Download Datasheet
  • SLA20 (Manual Handling Lift) Max Height 6.46m Download Datasheet
  • SLA25 (Manual Handling Lift) Max Height 7.94m Download Datasheet
  • Genie Lift Extension Forks
  • 1t Cranes
  • Roust-A-Bouts
  • 3t Pipe Grabs (80-300mm)
  • Scissor Blocks
  • Brick Grabs
  • Gin Wheels
  • Scaffold Pulley Wheels
  • 180° Scaffold Hoists
  • 800kg Tirfor Winches
  • 3t Tirfor Winches
  • 5t Tirfor Winches


Material Lifts & Hoists