Construction Site Power

Mainline provides a number of specialised services including temporary power for construction sites and outdoor events.

Aside from machinery requirements, there are a number of variables to be considered when planning temporary site services such as outdoor power supplies.

The use of machinery at different points of the site at different times of the day places varying demands on a power supply, and the complexity of working in noise restricted areas or Clean Air Zones must also be considered.

Mainline can provide a full range of construction site services including power generation and distribution equipment as well as a comprehensive power distribution design service.

Our product range includes diesel and solar powered lighting towers as well as generators ranging from 600 w to 280kVa. Our generator range includes super silent generators, ideal for noise sensitive and residential sites.

We host a broad selection of site and mains distribution boards, cables, connection units, cable ramps and protection, as well as a variety of accessories that enable us to configure flexible, fuel efficient energy supplies in the most demanding of environments.


Our range of diesel and electric generators provides energy outputs ranging from m600 w to 280 kVA. We can provide several synchronised generators as a fuel efficient alternative to operating one large model with a continual high output.

At Mainline we are sensitive to the complexities of adhering to local authority standards in noise and vibration limits. Our range of super silent generators provides the perfect choice for work on this type of sites. We also stock electric/solar charging generators and particle filters for work in low emission areas.


Our range of lighting equipment and lighting towers offers options for indoor and outdoor environments.

Our diesel powered Vertical Mast Lighting Towers are perfectly suited to outdoor events and building sites, whereas the SMC Solar-2 LED Lighting Tower is an emission free alternative, apt for use in low emission areas and in Clean Air Zones.

Power Distribution

Mainline’s engineers are highly experienced in complex power distribution projects for large sites. Our engineers will assess the most practical and fuel efficient alternative for each site’s requirements.

Depending on the nature and layout of the site, different power options may be appropriate. For certain sites a number of small generators may be required at specific locations, whereas other sites may benefit from the use of one high voltage generator supplying all the power onsite through a series of transformers and distribution boards.

As well as construction site power Mainline can provide a full range of additional services. Our temporary site services and products include fuel bowsers and fuel delivery for an uninterrupted onsite fuel supply, temporary buildings and site accessories as well as specialised project management by our time-served engineers.

Get in touch with Mainline today to discuss your site requirements, our professional power team will gladly advise you on the most suitable products for your power supply project.


We are extremely grateful to each of you for your hard work, support and dedication.

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