ECO Lighting Towers

Innovative Lighting Towers designed to be environmentally friendly

ECO-Friendly LED Lighting Towers – offer many advantages

  • A single tank of fuel can run a lighting tower for at least 200 hours
  • Eco-friendly LED Lighting Towers use 60% less fuel
  • LED lighting towers operate quietly and efficiently, with the LED lights providing up to 40% more light than a standard lighting tower.
  • Hydraulic powered mast
  • 8 x 250w LED lamps
  • 9m mast height and 358 degrees rotation
  • Low noise level
  • Road lights and reflectors are fitted as standard


  • Fuel efficient giving over 180 hours of operation
  • Super silent operation
  • High intensity light
  • Hydraulically operated mast can be fully extended to 9m in 12 seconds!
  • High intensity lighting
  • Fork lift pockets and single lift eye for easy transportation
  • 360° rotating head lamp with telescopic mast for quick and easy operation
  • Engine fluids fully bunded to 120% protecting the environment from spills
  • Bio-degradable oil in hydraulic system