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Mainline clean up with particle filters

Posted February 12, 2017

In a bid to clean up operations, Mainline Group has begun fitting particle filters on hire machinery destined for use in confined spaces and emissions sensitive sites.

As a Tool, Plant and Access hire company, Mainline has become increasingly aware of the emissions expelled from diesel powered equipment. Emissions potentially include over 40 substances that can be hazardous air pollutants and harmful to humans.

When using diesel machines in confined indoor spaces, Mainline has considered the health implications of the operators.

In response to these potential health concerns, Mainline have fitted filters directly mounted onto the exhaust pipe of some of the diesel fleet. The filters are provided by EHC, specialist manufacturers of particle filters, and stop 99% of dangerous particles. The filter begins functioning immediately upon starting the machine.

One of the Mainline machines to be fitted with the particle filter is a JLG 4017PS 17m telehandler which is currently in operation at a warehouse facility in Glasgow.

Mainline Managing Director, Keith Williams said “The use of particle filters on our fleet is another step towards achieving our environmental goals.”

Mainline clean up with particle filters