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  • Skip Capacity Heaped 500ltr

    The Thwaites 1T is a compact and versatile dumper designed for small-scale construction and material handling tasks. With a 1-tonne payload capacity, this mini dumper is perfect for manoeuvring through tight spaces and transporting materials efficiently.

  • Skip Capacity Heaped 577ltr

    The Terex HD100 is a compact and agile mini excavator designed for light to moderate excavation and landscaping tasks. With a 0.75-ton operating weight, this machine is one of the smallest in the Terex lineup, making it ideal for working in confined spaces and areas with limited access.

    Despite its small size, the Terex HD100 boasts surprising power and versatility. It features a reliable diesel engine and a hydraulic system that allows for efficient digging, lifting, and manoeuvring. Its compact footprint and low weight make it easy to transport to different job sites and manoeuvre within them, saving time and effort.

  • Skip Capacity Heaped 910ltr

    The Benford 3T Swivel is capable of handling up to 3 tonnes of material, making it suitable for transporting large volumes of soil, gravel, sand, and other construction materials. One of the standout features of this dumper is its swivel capability. The swivelling skip allows for precise and efficient dumping of materials at various angles, making it ideal for navigating tight and confined job sites. The compact design of the Benford 3T Swivel enables it to access narrow pathways and work in confined spaces, enhancing its versatility on construction sites with limited manoeuvring room. Equipped with four-wheel drive, this dumper provides excellent traction on rough and uneven terrain, ensuring stability and control even in challenging conditions.

  • Skip Capacity Heaped 1680ltr

    The Thwaites 3T is a versatile and compact dumper designed for various construction and landscaping tasks. With a 3-tonne payload capacity, this machine strikes a balance between size and capacity, making it ideal for manoeuvring in confined spaces while still being able to transport significant loads.

  • Skip Capacity Heaped 1850ltr

    The Neuson 3001 Swivel is a 3-tonne capacity dumper with power swivel skip enabling discharge either side that is designed for use in a variety of construction and industrial applications. These dumpers have excellent rough terrain performance from hydrost. permanent 4-wheel drive.

  • Skip Capacity Heaped 3150ltr

    The Thwaites 6T is a robust and versatile dumper designed for heavy-duty material transport in construction, agricultural, and industrial settings. With a 6-tonne carrying capacity, this machine is well-suited for moving large quantities of materials such as soil, gravel, sand, and construction debris.

  • Diesel
    Skip Capacity Heaped 3780ltr

    The Terex 6T PT6000 is a 6-ton capacity dumper that is designed for use in a variety of construction and mining applications. It is powered by a four-cylinder diesel engine that produces 60 kW of power. The dumper has a tipping load of 6 tonnes with a large, heaped skip capacities.

    The Terex 6T PT6000 is known for its high ground clearance, low centre of gravity, and powerful engine. These features make it a stable and manoeuvrable machine that can operate in a variety of terrain conditions.

Carry Bulk Material With Our Reliable Site Dumpers

Our robust dumpers are excellent for carrying out heavy-duty tasks on site, moving bulk materials across rough terrains or uneven ground whilst retaining a secure and safe traction. Quickly manoeuvre large amounts of material or waste around your site.

Choose from equipment including 3 tonne dumpers6 tonne dumpers, and skip loading dumpers.

Versatile Dumpers For All Sizes Of Projects

Our flexible range of dumpers are suitable for most purposes – spanning DIY projects to major construction works. With a choice of models including 3 tonne dumpers, 6 tonne dumpers, and skip loading dumper we can quickly provide the perfect equipment to meet your business needs. View our range of models to find the perfect one for your project – no matter how large or small.

Swivel Skip Units

Our offering include robust swivel skip units, which are perfect for navigating tight areas on jobs. With limited space, you can be confident our equipment can be utilised efficiently on your construction project. Speak to our team today to find out more!

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