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Industry-Leading Fuel & Water Bowser Solutions

At Mainline, we have a wide collection of static and portable water bowsers and bunded fuel bowsers that range from 100 litres to 11,365 gallons in capacity. Our expert team can supply you with a bowser that is ideal for refuelling plant and machinery, ground-care equipment, generators, traffic control equipment, and more. We stock industry-leading brands that are favoured by corporations in the industrial sector, guaranteeing high functionality bowsers that won’t let you down.

Choose from equipment including our Bunded 100L Fuel Caddies and the Bunded 949L Transcube Fuel Bowsers, or the 1,100L Water Bowser and the 2,200L Water Bowser.

Certified Fuel & Water Bowsers

We provide bowsers which can be used on site or on highways and are road legal and certified for carrying dangerous goods. Guarantee legal compliance and enjoy peace of mind with our durable solutions. It’s important that users operating the equipment are suitably qualified, so please contact us if you need training too and our experts will be more than happy to help.

Provide High Volumes Of Water With Our Portable Bowsers

Are you in need of a reliable remote water supply? At Mainline, we provide a high quality selection of water bowsers that can provide you with safe transportation of water to site for an on tap supply. With our high storage capacity, we can offer easy to large volumes of water through our mobile bowsers. Learn more about our water bowsers, here.

Power Your Vehicles With Our Petrol & Diesel Bowsers

Do you need safe and convenient access to petrol and diesel on site? Ideal for refuelling on site, bunded fuel bowsers are a quick and safe way of transporting fuel to wherever it’s needed. Our selection of bowsers include both static and towable and range from 100 litre to 11,00 litres capacity. Learn more about our bunded fuel bowsers, here.

Why Should You Use Mainline For Your Bowser Hire?

When investing in a Mainline package, our high functionality equipment sets us apart from competitors. Our friendly team of experts will help you find a bowser that will provide you with the remote water or fuel access you need, bespoke to your requirements. With Mainline, you can guarantee our equipment is:

  • Small enough to use when access is limited
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Quick and safe to move around
  • Lightweight
  • Manoeuvrable by hand
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Stackable for easy transportation
  • Secure thanks to features like an anti-vandal lockable door
  • Convenient to use due to a high-flow hand pump
  • Safe to use because of anti-surge features

Hire A Water Or Fuel Bowser Today

Our static and portable bowsers are a quick and safe solution to transfer water or fuel when needed. To find a bowser that fits your requirements, then contact our approachable team today. Our sales team will be happy to help!