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  • Push Around

    The JLG Pecolift is an ecologically-friendly access platform that provides a fantastic solution for working at height in clean environments such as schools, hospitals, and food handling areas.

  • Push Around

    The Power Tower Nano is the ultimate in powered low-level access. Push into position, step into the platform, press a button. Simple. Safe. Efficient.

    No climbing platform steps, podiums or erecting scaffold towers, the Power Tower Nano is the cost effective, safe solution.

  • Push Around

    The Hybrid Lifts HB-P5.0 personnel lift is extremely compact and lightweight making it easy to push around and perfect for use on delicate or sensitive surfaces. The robust scissor stack and oversized pins 3.2cm reduce scissor sway and lend greater operator comfort.

    Features include a fully proportional dual-motor electric drive system, an integrated battery charge and a self-contained hydraulic lift pump and motor unit. To help prevent carpet or tile damage, a unique front wheel steering system allows the Hybrid Lifts HB-P5.0 to successfully operate on many traditionally “off-limit” floor coverings.

    Add to these a low step height providing easy access to the platform which avoids fatigue, neck and knee strain and you have a winning combination of features.

  • Now with an even larger (1520mm x 750mm) platform, the Power Tower gives the user even more room to work and more room for tools and equipment.

    With over 50% more platform size than its nearest competitor, the Power Tower requires less moves to cover the same area for many applications, and at only 780mm wide will still pass comfortably through a standard single doorway.

  • Push Around

    The BoSS X3X has a vast range of applications and is in high demand for painting and decorating, electrical work, heating, ventilation and data cable installations. It is also widely used by industrial painters and low-level ceiling installers. This machine’s manoeuvrability and versatility make it an ideal addition to any building site.

  • As a scissor lift with a narrow width of only 0.76 m, its particularly compact dimensions allow it to fit through most standard doorways. A tight turning circle also enables this machine to operate efficiently in restricted / confined spaces. The working height of 5.6 metres proves ideal for carrying out activities such as cleaning and maintenance work as well as accessing racking. With an overall safe working load of 240 kg including 100 kg on the 0.60 m deck extension, this machine provides plenty of capacity for tools and materials.


  • Push Around

    The Snorkel TM12 is an industry leading self-propelled telescopic mast lift which has a working height of up to 5.6 metres. The Personnel lift has an overall width of 0.76m metres which allows it to drive through standard doorways. The TM12 is versatile, robust and is simple to use which makes it ideal for many applications such as construction or stockpicking!

  • Push Around

    Battery as power source, compact and flexible, small volume, light weight, no noise, no pollution

    Can access to the elevator at will, specially designed for building mezzanine aerial working

  • Electric/Hybrid

    The Genie GR-15 runabout powered personnel lift is compact, low-weight, designed for increasing productivity on the job. Efficient operation and convenient set-up make the Runabout™ family machines ideal for warehousing, stock-picking, transporting, inventory management, and general maintenance.

  • Electric/Hybrid

    The JLG 1930ES electric scissor lift is extremely economical to run, it has zero emissions, non-marking tyres and a near-silent running system.  These features make it ideal for indoor use allowing you to work with minimum disruption.  It’s compact dimensions and precise control system give you the ability you to work accurately in confined spaces.  With industry leading upcycles you can work longer and increase productivity.  A great machine for getting more work done in less time!

  • Electric/Hybrid

    Purpose built for manoeuvring in tight spaces, the narrow Genie GS-1930 is ideal for indoor construction, maintenance, installation or cleaning applications where surfaces are firm and level. It makes all those tricky jobs much easier and safer.

  • Electric/Hybrid

    Ideal for manoeuvring in tight spaces, the narrow Genie GS-1932 is designed for indoor or outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications working on firm, level surfaces.

    These narrow scissor lifts can easily pass through standard single or double doors. With solid non-marking tyres and low-emissions they deliver a quiet, convenient method for operation in sound sensitive environments such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, schools or other public environments.

    Features include front-wheel drive and zero inside turning radius for excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces like congested construction sites, elevators or narrow aisles.

    Although ideal for indoor applications, the Genie GS-1932 also offers outdoor functionality carrying one person in the basket and provided your surface is firm and level.