Trailer Mounted Booms


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  • Electric/Hybrid
    Max Working Height 12.2m
    Max Platform Height 10.2m
    Platform Capacity 200kg

    With a working height of 12.2 m and an outreach of 6.1 m, this machine provides a superb access solution for jobs where particularly good ‘up and over reach’ is a priority. Weighing in at only 1400 kg, this machine can be comfortably towed by a light commercial vehicle or a 4×4 and is easy to position and set up onsite.

  • Electric/Hybrid
    Max Working Height 17.1m
    Max Platform Height 15.1m
    Platform Capacity 200kg

    With a working height of 17.1m and an outreach of 8.7m, the Niftylift 170T trailer mounted boom boasts one of the largest working envelopes in its class, reassuringly this maximum reach is combined with outstanding stability and control.

Trailer mounted boom lifts can be towed on the road, making them cheap and easy to move between sites. They are extremely versatile and suitable for use in both outdoor and indoor locations. These machines are extremely stable and can be used safely when working on an incline or on uneven surfaces such as gravel or grass.

Mainline’s range includes the 17.1 m Nifty 170 Trailer Mounted Boom. This extremely resilient machine offers a working height of 17.1 m and a platform capacity of 200 kg. Known for its reach, stability and control, the Nifty 170 trailer mounted boom lift is one of the most popular machines in its class.

Mainline’s trailer mounted booms are available for hire nationally. Our delivery fleet ensures that all machines can be delivered promptly to our client’s premises and our team of CAP trained engineers are on hand to resolve any possible issues within 24 hrs.

Mainline is one of the UK’s leading providers of powered access services for projects of all sizes. Please get in touch with our team if you’d like further information on trailer mounted boom rental or any other services.

Mainline’s fleet of trailer mounted booms offers a range of power options including battery, petrol and bi-energy. They can be used at heights ranging from 12 to 17 m.

We stock booms by Nifty, a world-renowned brand manufacturing innovative and powerful, yet environmentally friendly machines.


Our trailer mounted booms offer a number of wide ranging benefits. Key features of these booms include:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for low level outreach
  • Safe and easy to operate with accuracy
  • Apt for holding and lifting up to two people
  • Able to maximise reach from a compact chassis
  • Lightweight, making them easy to move and position
  • Their narrow build allows them to work in tight spaces
  • Quick and easy to set up thanks to their hydraulic triggers
  • Built to reach up and over, for accessing hard to reach places

For further information on hiring our trailer mounted booms, get in touch with our team today. All of Mainline’s machines are available for delivery nationwide and our sales staff and project managers will gladly advise you on the perfect machines for your project.