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  • Electric/Hybrid
    Max Working Height 30.3m
    Max Platform Height 28.2m
    Platform Capacity 454kg

    A fleet of Dingli BT30SHRT booms with a maximum working height of 30.3m and impressive outreach of over 22m, these electric booms also boast a huge load capacity of 454kg. The combination of Lithium Iron battery power cells together with their rough terrain ability makes them an incredibly versatile machine for working indoors and out with low noise and emissions.

  • Diesel
    Max Working Height 40.3m
    Max Platform Height 38.3m
    Platform Capacity 450kg

    For jobs that demand both height and reach, the JLG 1250AJP provides one of the most impressive working envelopes on the market. With over 40.3 m working height and 19.3 m of outreach, the JLG 1250AJP articulated boom lift is ideal for applications that require high-reach versatility. The cage boasts a 450 kg platform capacity and is equipped for seamless operation with full proportional drive joystick control and an integral thumb steer switch.

  • Diesel
    Max Working Height 43.15m
    Max Platform Height 41.15m
    Platform Capacity 272kg

    Ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications Genie® engine-powered articulating Z™ booms provide lifting versatility with a combination of up, out and over positioning capabilities and outreach that’s second to none.

  • Diesel
    Max Working Height 43.15m
    Max Platform Height 41.15m
    Platform Capacity 272kg

    The Genie ZX 135/70 articulated boom lift offers unrivalled versatility for some of the construction industry’s most challenging applications. Offering an outstanding 43m maximum working height and meeting the demands of some extremely complex high reach jobs, this machine’s impressive versatility comes from the combination of its two telescopic booms plus additional fly jib, which provide fantastic up and over reach as well as a staggering 21m outreach. The broad range of motion in this machine’s opening envelope makes it ideally suited to high reach cladding or glazing installations, as this machine will allow operators to fit windows on two or three floors by moving the basket up and down utilising the fly jib, without the need to reposition the machine. The agility provided by the Genie ZX135/70 is rarely seen on a machine this robust and cumbersome.

  • Diesel
    Max Working Height 48.15m
    Max Platform Height 46.15m
    Platform Capacity 450kg

    The JLG 1500 AJP is a high-performance Super Boom renowned for its exceptional reach and versatility. With an impressive working height of up to 48.15 metres, this machine is the go-to choice for a wide range of tasks, from construction and maintenance to facility management. Its articulating boom provides unparalleled movability, allowing operators to access elevated work areas with ease, even in tight spaces. With a sturdy platform and impressive capacity, the JLG 1500 AJP is designed to get the job done efficiently and safely.

Mainline’s solution-based super boom powered access hire service offers a wide range of machines including diesel booms, electric booms and hybrid or bi-energy booms. Our selection includes the sought after Genie ZX 135/70, the JLG 1500 AJP Diesel Articulated Boom and the JLG 1250 AJP Diesel Articulated Boom.

Mainline can provide a wide range of alternatives to suit the exact job specifications, from narrow electric booms suited to working in zero emission environments and confined spaces, to rough terrain booms with varying reach, platform size and load capacities.

For indoor work where the terrain is challenging yet low emission machines are required, Dingli Electric Rough Terrain 22.21 m BA22ERT booms prove an ideal choice. For large scale indoor and outdoor construction projects, the versatility of the Genie ZX-135/70 43.15 m Diesel Articulated Boom is second to none.

The Genie ZX-135/70 ZX model has a Tier 5 (or Stage V) diesel engine. Machines with these engines are suitable for indoor use and are approved for use in Clean Air Zones in London, Birmingham and soon, Liverpool.

Due to increasing demand, Mainline stocks a great number of super boom lifts that utilise this ‘cleaner air technology system’. Mainline’s fleet includes a great number of machines equipped with Diesel Tier 5 engines and all Dingli machines come equipped with this technology.

Mainline is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of large powered access machines for big and complex projects. We offer nationwide tailored project management, as well as an impressive range of super MEWPs and super boom available for hire.

Take a look below at our selection and get in touch with our team if you’d like further information on our super boom hire services.