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Revolutionising the industry with the all new 32mtr Dingli JCPT 3225DC Super Scissor

Posted July 19, 2022

In the coming weeks Mainline Group takes delivery of the UK’s first two, zero emission Dingli 3225DC Electric Super Scissors.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the battery powered Dingli 3225dc Scissor Lift offers low noise and low emissions for sensitive sites such as food, industrial refrigeration, and enclosed high bay warehousing.

Previously, the 34mtr Diesel Scissor Lifts were the only option for indoor high-level work for contractors. In recent years, the Stage V engines were necessary as scrubber units could not be fitted to big diesel engines.

The all new Dingli 3225 DC Super Scissor addresses all these issues without compromising performance.

Mainline Hire


  • 32mtr Working Height
  • Zero Emissions
  • No onsite fuel costs
  • 1000kg SWL
  • 2mtr x 2.45mtr Standard Deck and 2.1mtr Deck Extension
  • Non-Marking Tyres (Tyre Covers not required)
  • Drives at Full Height
  • Long Endurance High Capacity 80v/520a Lithium Battery, with 110v Charging
  • 4 Wheel Steering
  • 4 x 4 Rough Terrain
  • No 3 day Movement order required

With room for 4 occupants and a safe working load of up to 1000kg, this machine is the perfect choice for pipework, ductwork, electrical and M & E installation works. Pipe Cradles and Pipe Racks are available from Mainline to compliment the machines efficiencies.

The drive at height and 4 wheel steer functionality, increases manoeuvrability and efficiency on site and when coupled with the generous safe working load , reduces the requirement to lower the machine to re-stock the basket with materials.  This machine will reduce your installation time and costs.

Mainline Hire