Kubota K008-3

The Kubota 008-3 is a lightweight, yet robust mini excavator designed for efficiency and performance in tight spaces and small-scale construction projects. The Kubota 008-3 features a powerful and fuel-efficient diesel engine, delivering reliable power while minimizing environmental impact. Its compact size allows it to manoeuvre through narrow passages with ease, making it ideal for urban construction and confined job sites. The ergonomic operator cabin provides comfort and excellent visibility, ensuring safe and productive operation. Whether you need to tackle residential or commercial projects, the Kubota 008-3 is a dependable choice for efficient digging and excavation tasks.


Kubota K008-3
Max Digging Depth1.72m
Overall Width0.7m
Overall Height2.23m
Gross Machine Weight980kg

Specifications may be subject to change – clarification should be sought at point of hire