Kubota KX016-4

The Kubota KX016-4 mini excavator is a powerful and versatile machine that sets the standard in the 1.5-tonne class. It features a powerful digging force, making it ideal for a variety of tasks, such as digging trenches and foundations, moving earth and rock, loading and unloading materials, demolition and tree removal. it is powered by a diesel engine that meets Stage V emissions standards. The KX016-4 has a long reach and impressive dig depth, making it ideal for working in tight spaces. It also features a variable width track that can be adjusted to provide more stability or to make it easier to pass through narrow openings.


Kubota KX016-4
Max Digging Depth2.25m
Overall Width1.24m
Overall Height2.33m
Gross Machine Weight1570kg

Specifications may be subject to change – clarification should be sought at point of hire