JLG 4017 RS

The JLG 4017 is a versatile and powerful telehandler designed to excel in a wide range of construction and material handling tasks. With a maximum lift capacity of 4,000 kilograms and a lift height of 17 meters, it offers impressive reach and precision. Its robust build and four-wheel-drive capability ensure it can handle rough terrain with ease, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The ergonomic operator cabin provides comfort and excellent visibility, enhancing safety and productivity on the job site. Whether you need a telehandler for loading or unloading, moving site equipment, cleaning, or carrying out general maintenance., the JLG 4017 is a reliable and efficient choice.


JLG 4017 RS
Max Lifting Capacity4000kg
Max Lifting Height17.1m
Overall Width2.35m
Overall Height2.66m
Length To Carriage6.37m
Unladen Weight11500kg
Ground Clearance0.43m

Specifications may be subject to change – clarification should be sought at point of hire