Magni RTH 6.35

The Magni 6.35 ROTO telehandler is a high-performance solution known for its exceptional reach and lifting capacity. With a strong 6,000-kilogram maximum lifting capacity and an impressive 35-meter reach, it is well-suited for demanding construction and industrial tasks. Its 360-degree continuous rotation feature enables precise load placement without machine repositioning, saving time and effort. Thanks to a spacious cab and advanced control systems, operator comfort and safety are vital. Rotos are equipped with a remote-control system designed for use outside the operator’s cabin, providing complete visibility while operating the crane. In summary, the Magni 6.35 ROTO telehandler is a top-tier choice for efficiently handling heavy loads in challenging work environments.

Magni RTH 6.35
Max Lifting Capacity6000kg
Max Lifting Height34.80m

Specifications may be subject to change – clarification should be sought at point of hire