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Smartclad Ltd use Mainline for Knauf Calcination plant extension

Posted September 5, 2017
Mainline Hire

As part of an extension to Knauf Calcination Plant, Smartclad Ltd  had the task applying cladding to a 31 metre high development.

Due to the height of the building and the length of the project they required a reliable scissor lift that had the capability to reach 31 metres. Our sales team recommended the 34 metre Megastar Diesel scissor lift, which has a 2.8 metre wide platform which extends from 6.66 to 9.66 metres in length and offers up to 1,000 kg platform capacity.

This proved to be the right choice as Smartclad Ltd let us know they were extremely happy with the hire. “After a nine week hire, we’ve not had any down time due to machinery faults, just the the traditional British summertime wind and rain!

This has proven to be a real workhorse which  helped our project finish on time, and due to the large platform capacity, the need for a crane to hoist materials to the roof was no longer required.

Many thanks to Lee and his team on providing a faultless hire just when it really mattered.”

Call us on 01283 222044 to enquire about hiring a 34 metre Megastar Diesel scissor lift.