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Supporting Grassroots Cricket

Posted July 16, 2019

On the 14th July 2019, England won the Cricket World Cup in dramatic fashion with a super over that was won with just one, single run. This will go down in history as the greatest game in cricket history!

With all the celebration and drama it is sometimes hard to remember how these players got to where they are today. Local, often small, Cricket grounds give young players the opportunity to turn into World Cup winners and this is why grassroot cricket must be supported across the country, now more than ever.

Mainline are proud to support two Derbyshire based cricket teams, Lullington and Swarkestone, to help Grassroots crickets so that we can hopefully play a small part in creating the next World Cup winning cricketer.

Swarkestone is a club that is steeped in Cricket history and has been part of the ‘Cricket Derbyshire Foundation’s Oral History of Cricket in Derbyshire project’ that captures the history of Cricket in Derbyshire. Mainline support Swarkestone as a sponsor so that this history and heritage can continue for years to come.

Lullington, similar to Swarkestone, has a history that dates back nearly 140 years. In fact, even before recordings began it is thought that Cricket was played in some form at Lullington. What cricketing heritage! Mainline are proud supporters of Lullington and to support this heritage, we have supplied them with solar panels that will support them over the long-term so this great club can focus on what it does best, Cricket.

We truly are proud sponsors of grassroots Cricket and the idea that one day we could have the smallest hand in helping a young Cricketer realise their dream is why we support Swarkestone and Lullington.

Carole Williams – Mainline Group Director