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Synchronised Generators – what you need to know!

Posted January 31, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Mainline now provide synchronising generators!

Connecting generators in parallel increases the power capacity, control in load management, ease of maintenance, and redundancy. The process involves the physical connection of two or more diesel generators, and the synchronisation of their load outputs.


Factors considered when paralleling generators

Capacity: easy of synchronising the system based on load demand; powering on a set when demand increases and switching off a set when demand decreases.

Redundancy: ensuring a soft power transfer as the outgoing generator is switched off and the incoming one is powered on. The design should avoid a situation where the load is not powered or allowed to run on the UPS.

Advantages of Synchronised Generator systems

Increased reliability and redundancy: Improving reliability and redundancy for both critical and non-critical loads. The system ensures that there is always constant power to critical loads, and if one of the generators fails, the load is supplied by the other one or more parallel unit.

Low cost of power generation: Cost of generation obviously increases with generator size and is noticeably more above 600KW. Using several small generators becomes more economical than a single large generator.

More control and savings on generating costs: The total amount of power supplied from several small generators is equal to the power supplied by one large unit. However, there is more control and balancing in the smaller generators. One can balance the load over the different circuits and decide on the power to generate at any time based on the load.

The parallel system can achieve huge savings when all generators are operated above 75% of their rated load. This is the point at which generators use the minimum fuel.

Expandability and flexibility: The use of several generators makes it possible to supply a varying load without piling up costly units or spending too much on a big generator whose full capacity is rarely used. Generators can be added gradually as demand increases.

Whether you’re planning an event or want to manage your site power, eliminate your single point of failure and benefit from all the other advantages such as lower costs and more control.  Hire a Synchronised Generator from Mainline today!