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Take the Mainline 1823DC Electric Scissor Challenge!

Posted July 13, 2022

For years the only machine available to those trying to lower emissions on internal builds has been the gas GS-5390 scissor. It was the standard ‘go to’ machine, on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Until now … The new era of fully, zero emission scissor lifts is here, matching the functionality and more!!!

The Dingli JCPT 1823DC is the same size and weight as those gas-powered machines in its category, but it offers a series of features and benefits that sets it apart from the competition:

  • drives at a height of 12m (most of its direct contenders must come down to 8m)
  • completes more than one shift due to low battery usage in each duty cycle
  • non marking tyres
  • automatic levelling outriggers, four-wheel steering and 4WD  for outdoor work

We hear you cry, “Those batteries will never last a shift”. Let us prove you wrong!

Mainline’s Service Manager heard these comments and set about reconfiguring our offering to better serve the UK market with a gas alternative. Upgrades were made to upscale the batteries and testing on a live customer site ensued. It worked brilliantly. Why?

  • The machines lasted more than a shift
  • No need to hire a gas cage on site to store the bottles
  • Significant cost savings were made
  • Wheel cover costs not incurred
  • Drives at height at a full 12m, increasing productivity

We challenge you to try something new and we will prove the savings!

Contact Mainline, the industry experts, to take you through the numbers.  Don’t forget to add those Pipe Racks and Cradles to increase productivity!