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5 reasons why IPAF training is vital for your business

IPAF Approved Training Centre

  1. IPAF training is required by law

According to European law, employees must ‘receive adequate specific training’. For those working at heights using powered access equipment, this means being trained to the standards of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). Failure to do so not only puts your company at risk, but risks the health and wellbeing of your employees as well.

  1. IPAF is recognised across the country

Not only is IPAF recognised on sites across the country, it is also recognised worldwide. Not only this, but your PAL card is usually recognised abroad, allowing you to work throughout Europe and further with ease.

  1. You’ll be joining hundreds of thousands worldwide

There are already 591,717 registered PAL cards worldwide. This means that half a million people have taken and passed the IPAF course. By ensuring your employees are IPAF trained, it means they keep pace with their counterparts throughout the world and you don’t lose business.

  1. PAL+ opens up new opportunities

On top of the standard IPAF PAL training, courses such as PAL+ allows operators to train for higher risk and challenging working environments.

  1. Management training is available

If you’re managing those working at heights and using powered access equipment, then the management course might be right for you. This one day course covers health and safety, accident prevention and personal protection equipment. This course should be a major consideration for those who take their role seriously.