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Dumper Trucks

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide training to novice and existing operators who have received no formal training in forward and side tipping, rigid and articulated dumpers and to train operators to correctly prepare, safely drive and correctly maintain a dumper truck.

Course Duration: 1 Day

What the Course Covers

• Drive efficiently and safely under differing site conditions, including gradients
• Position the dumper correctly for discharging into and loading from excavations
• Tow and reverse small trailers
• The various checks and maintenance to be carried out before start of work
• Correct and safe methods of starting and stopping engines
• Safety precautions that must be carried out
• Capacities and limitations
• Legal requirements

What the Course Covers

By the end of the Course

Each trainee is assessed during the practical element of the course to ensure a full understanding of all systems of work taught. There is also a written multiple-choice theory test paper followed by a full debrief.

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