Ride-On Rollers

Ride-On Rollers

Course overview

This course is designed to provide training to novice and existing operators who have received no formal training and to train operators to correctly prepare, safely drive and correctly maintain a ride-on roller.

Course duration

1 day

What the Course Covers

  • Setting the roller for compaction duties
  • The basic construction, purpose and function of components and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges
  • The aims and principles of compaction
  • Minor adjustments and routine service procedures
  • Rolling plans and setting up for compaction
  • Rolling techniques including the principles of compaction
  • Compacting up to supported and unsupported edges, camber, cross fall, obstructions and radius
  • Conditions that may cause instability of the roller
  • Safety procedures when compacting on inclines

Upcoming Course Dates

Ride-On Rollers25-06-2024Enquire Now