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Water Rescue Safety & Awareness

Course Overview

This course is designed for anyone working near to still water, flood water or moving water. It is in full compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Course Duration: 1 Day

What the Course Covers

• Health and Safety Law and Regulations 1974
• Appreciation of the power of water
• Understanding flood plains and hydrology
• Recognising the water signs
• Working near water
• Walking/wading through flood water
• Entering water
• Use of rescue equipment and PPE
• Throwing techniques
• Disease and infections
• Fatigue and hypothermia
• Casualty recovery techniques
• Casualty handling
• Driving and vehicle movement in flood water

What the Course Covers

By the end of the Course

Delegates will understand the importance of water safety and rescue and the dangers of working in and around water. This offers an ideal introduction to the CSCS Health and Safety test.

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