25.3m Vehicle Mounted Platform – Multitel MX250

Ref: C43

The Multitel MX250 is the largest model mounted on a 3.5 tonne chassis; it offers 25m of working height and up to 12.2 of working outreach.

Features include an inboard outrigger jacking envelope, while the full width jacking for maximum outreach keeps the front jacks in board while the rear ones extend to an overall width of 2.8m, with the option of keeping one side retracted. The new lift also offers 11m of outreach from 2m up to almost 20m.

This is the latest small (3.5 tonne) platform Multitel have introduced to their already extensive product range. This level of outreach may be achieved by Multitel’s straight telescopic platforms mounted on a small chassis cabs, but it’s never achieved such performance from an up and over or articulated platform mounted on this chassis.

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  • Inboard outrigger jacking envelope
  • Small 3.5 tonne chassis
  • Up & over articulated platform


  • Maximum Working Height25.3m
  • Maximum Platform Height23.3m
  • Maximum Working Outreach9.2m (200g) – 12.2m (80kg)
  • Turret Rotation400°
  • Cage Rotation90° + 90°
  • Boom TelescopicAmplitude6.4 + 5.4m
  • Cage Dimensions1.4 x 0.7 x 1.1m
  • Safe Working Load on Cage200kg
  • Max Admissible Slope