CAP Training

The Competent Assessed Person (CAP) is an advanced level of assessment provided by the IPAF through a one-day training program. It certifies individuals as proficient in conducting statutory inspections of machinery like MEWPs, MCWPs, or Construction Hoists in compliance with legal requirements.

Benefits of obtaining the IPAF CAP Qualification include enhanced professional status for individuals, cost savings for employers who can conduct in-house fleet inspections, and overall safety and efficiency improvements in the industry.

The IPAF CAP Training Program is intended for engineers who wish to plan, manage, and perform thorough examinations of MEWPs, MCWPs, or Construction Hoists.

To be eligible, candidates need a valid IPAF PAL Card and must meet certain entry criteria. Many candidates may already meet the eligibility requirements based on their existing qualifications and experience.

Upcoming Course Dates

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