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Poor Training & Planning Resulting in Severe Injuries

Posted April 6, 2017
Mainline Hire

Contractors have been left concerned their employees aren’t getting the right training since a shocking accident occurred in Basingstoke. Last year, a construction company was given a project to install lamp posts for a new railway operating centre but with the lack of training and project planning, it caused an operator for the subcontracting company severe burns and injuries. When moving the lamp posts into position with an excavator, one came in contact with overhead 11kV power lines which electrocuted the operator, giving him life changing burns.

The construction company is now facing £26k fines with costs of £9k and the subcontractor £22k fines with costs of £8k by breaching Regulation 14 of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

Health and Safety training and proper planning can prevent situations like this where a person’s life is put at risk and large fines are possible. Having Health and safety training gives a worker the understanding to look around his surroundings for any hazards and obstacles and would help planning projects in a safe way.

At Mainline, we offer on-site or in-house Health & Safety training with last minute bookings available! If you think your team need refresher training or have new employees to train then call us or click here to see the course

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