SMC Solar-2 LED Lighting Tower


  • 100% fuel saving
  • No emissions, no noise
  • 50,000 hours life from LED’s
  • Automatic operation via auto-timer and Eco Sensor
  • Automatic switching level for LED’s to optimise battery power
  • One-man deployable
  • High quality, instant light from 4x LED lamps
  • Can be used in buildings, tunnels, etc... operating from battery or mains supply
  • Reduced running costs with environmental and commercial benefits
  • Emergency stop button fitted as standard for safety


  • Recharge time11.2 hours
  • Solar panel4 x 140Wpolycrystalline
  • Solar charging15A
  • Max run time from battery only54 hours
  • Max run time including solar powerIndefinite
  • Mast max height8740mm
  • Mast rotation350°
  • Lamp specification4 x 55W LED
  • Weight1160kg