Dingli BA28RT

The Dingli BA28RT is a versatile articulating boom lift designed for elevated access tasks. With a working height of 28.6 metres, the capability to reach significant heights, it is suitable for tasks like maintenance, construction, and installations. Key features of this equipment include its articulating boom design, which provides enhanced manoeuvrability in tight spaces, and a substantial platform capacity for accommodating workers and tools. The BA28RT is known for its stability and safety features, often including stabilisers and safety interlocks, and it can handle various terrains, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Overall, the Dingli BA28RT is a valuable tool for a wide range of industries and purposes requiring safe and efficient work at elevated heights.


Dingli BA28RT
Max Working Height28.6m
Max Platform Height21.3m
Platform Capacity454kg

Specifications may be subject to change – clarification should be sought at point of hire

Product Features
› The axle integrated 4WD system, delivers better off-road performance› Delivers a wider working range and more flexibility in narrow spaces
› Equipped with platform anti-extrusion device, start stop protection when extrusion occurs› The unique design offers a lower center of gravity making the stability of the machine stronger