Magni RTH 6.25 Roto

The Magni RTH 6.25 ROTO telehandler is an all-round powerful machine. With its impressive lifting capacity of 6,000 kilograms and a maximum lifting height of 25 meters, it excels in various industries, including construction and industrial applications. Notably, it offers a 360-degree continuous rotation feature, allowing precise load placement without repositioning the machine. Operator comfort and safety are paramount, with a spacious cab and advanced control systems. Overall, the Magni 6.25 ROTO telehandler is a top choice for tasks requiring extended reach and precision.


Magni RTH 6.25 Roto
Max Lifting Capacity6000kg
Max Lifting Height25m
Overall Width2.53m
Overall Length7.63m

Specifications may be subject to change – clarification should be sought at point of hire