Magni RTH 6.21

The Magni RTH 6.21 Roto telehandler is a powerful telehandler renowned for its exceptional capabilities. With a lifting capacity of 6,000 kilograms and a maximum height reach of 21 meters, it is well-suited for various applications, including construction and industrial tasks. Its standout feature is its 360-degree continuous rotation, allowing precise load positioning, making it an efficient choice for demanding and confined workspaces. Operator comfort and safety are prioritized with its spacious cab and advanced control systems. Overall, the Magni RTH 6.21 Roto telehandler is a top-performing solution for tasks requiring both reach and precision.

Magni RTH 6.21
Max Lifting Capacity6000kg
Max Lifting Height20.80m

Specifications may be subject to change – clarification should be sought at point of hire