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Counterbalance Forklift Trucks

Course Overview

This training will contribute to the company satisfying the requirements placed on employers by legislation for the correct training of their staff.

Course Duration: 1 - 5 Days

What the Course Covers

• Check fuel, battery, oil, and water. Check motive and hydraulic controls, seat brakes, horn, steering, and gauges. Complete weekly report.
• Mount and dismount correctly, adjust seat, starting and stopping engine/power. Driving under control in both directions. Applying brakes correctly. Selecting a safe parking area.
• Steer the truck, laden and unladen, forwards and in reverse. Position truck accurately in relation to obstacles and loads.
• Identify hydraulic components. Operate controls smoothly and correctly.
• Factors which may affect stability, capacity plate, load centre, lift capacity, causes of lateral and longitudinal instability.
• Danger of overloading and unsafe condition. Derate truck when fitting attachments e.g. sideshift, box tippers, bulk buckets, etc.
• Stack and destack both flat and corner post pallets up to maximum lift height of truck, position 90° in aisle for stacking/unstacking.
• Driving laden and unladen under control.
• Loading and unloading palletized goods over both sides of a lorry.
• Appreciate the need to operate trucks safely and correctly in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work act L.O.L.E.R. 98 and P.U.W.E.R. 98 and also to observe the company safety rules.

Forklift Training

By the end of the Course

Candidates will be provided with an AITT certificate to prove they have received forklift truck operator training that meets safety requirements and legislation. A 2-day course is also available for candidates who have had previous training.

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